Maggie is the designer behind MAGG & LOUIE, and the editor of The Scoop. Her creative journey began years ago when she studied Clothing and Textiles in college, with a concentration in Fashion Merchandising. After working in the retail and marketing industry for almost a

SPECIALIZING IN Stationery print design

BACKGROUND Different segments of the retail industry;   visual merchandising, graphic & web design, and catalog print production.

WHERE/HOW DID YOU LEARN YOUR TECHNICAL SKILLS I initially learned my technical skills on the job when I was working for a start-up during the dot–com era. It was one of my first jobs after college—little did I know it was a stepping stone that would help shape my future.

DESIGN STYLE I enjoy working with layering and typeface.

TOOLS MOST USED InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator. I’ll invest in a digital drawing tablet someday, but for now it’s the good old–fashioned sketching on paper.

FAVORITE FONT At the moment Futura, but my all-time favorite is Archer Hairline.

FAVORITE COLOR Shades of blue – colors of the ocean

FAVORITE SOCIAL MEDIA/APP Pinterest for sure, I’m obsessed! I love being able to catalog all my interests in one, and obtain so many ideas. I’ve introduced friends to join, and they now hate me for it :) The other is Tumblr, not only I use it for my blog, but also as one of my resources for daily inspiration.

WHO IS "LOUIE"? Louie is my late father who worked in  advertising and print industry for over 30 years. I truly believe that he, along with my grandfather (who was also in the print business) are spiritually guiding me through this creative path I’ve embarked on.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, WHY IS THE "A" EMPHASIZED ON YOUR LOGO? Ah yes, it is the first initial of my dad’s (and my grandfather’s) last name.


decade (unfulfilled), she knew she wanted to do something more creative and gratifying. Meanwhile, she started designing print paper goods for friends and family as a creative outlet. To her surprise, designing became a passion, and desired to start something on her own. In 2010, Maggie took the leap and launched MAGG & LOUIE, as she says, “it was the best decision of my life, and it’s been a rewarding experience ever since.”

This site is dedicated to her design projects and visual inspiration. To learn more, or just want to chat – drop her a note and say hello.



OCCUPATION Freelance Graphic Designer & Production Artist

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